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NFT auction participation with my profit from sales directed to help Ukraine

❗️Friends, social media followers and just strangers who came by, some of my paintings are included into an NFT auction as part of This Show Is Curated by a Machine online exhibition. 

All my profit from these sales will be directed to help Ukraine (Come Back Alive, Life Delivery, local volunteers I know personally - no unknown funds).

Please, feel free to help by placing a bid or by sharing the news. 

The auction will last until April 10th.Thank you! Glory to Ukraine! 

The links: 

Head in a Cloud 

Overcoming Darkness 

Декілька моїх робіт виставлено на міжнародний NFT аукціон. Весь мій прибуток з продажу я передаю на допомогу Україні (Повернись живим, Life Delivery, місцеві волонтери, яких я знаю особисто), тому буду вдячна за розповсюдження новини 💙💛