Get Your Own Goddess

As you know, the painting “Goddess” isn’t for sale. Representing the main personality among dozens of others we consist of, She can not leave me. Moreover, she may be somehow useless for someone else.
However, I do understand the desire and the desperate need for owning the painting. Although I can’t offer you this one, I have something even more sensual and precious for you.

I can help you Get Your Own Goddess.

How? Let’s see.
Being a part of the “Everything In Its Right Place” project, which shows multiple personalities we have, the Goddess is the main one. She’s the one deciding which part of us will be more effective and suitable in each and every situation. If we’re in harmony with ourselves, She decides right, thus, helping us achieve the life we want. If we’re in a disagreement with her (read – with ourselves), we can’t be happy.
I can help you See and Get Your Own Goddess by painting the one that lives in you.

How does it work?
· We communicate individually. We talk about your desires, needs, dreams, fears. We search for the core personality inside of you. It’s a sacred process, necessary for creating the real Goddess artwork representing YOU.

· Based on our dialog, I create an individual Goddess painting. You get Your Own Goddess, and I can not use this image in any other merchandize goods. I can use it ONLY in my portfolio as an example of what I can do. Yes, I will remain the author, but there will be NO OTHER REPRESENTATIONS of Your Goddess without your permission.

Financial terms:
The overall cost – $888.
Upfront fee – $300.
Canvas size – from 70x90cm to 90x120cm (your choice).
Larger size is possible, however, it will affect the cost.
After the painting is done, it needs approximately 2 months to set, otherwise it can’t be transported to you safely.

Other terms:
In case you don’t like the final result, the upfront fee will not be returned, and I will be able to use the painting in all representations and goods.